Don’t Immigrate Through a Middle Man

Our Broussard & Lafayette, LA -based moving company facilitates long-distance moves

Perhaps you’re pursuing the American dream in Broussard, or maybe you’re exploring a business opportunity in Europe. Claim your territory with ease when you hire Flowers Transfer for your move. An international relocation is quite the production, but our commercial moving company sets the stage for success. Call our licensed and insured team at 800-749-2802 to receive your free moving estimate.

Say “bon voyage” to subpar movers

It takes a village to move internationally – or, at the very least, a highly-skilled crew of transportation professionals. Flowers Transfer can seamlessly move you from point A to point B. Here’s how our process works:

  • Flowers carefully wraps and packs your belongings
  • Then, we track each container with electronic serial numbers
  • Your country’s port will coordinate delivery with our team
  • All third-party logistics are managed by our company

Contact Flowers Transfer for overseas moving services.